An Open Journal Of Parenting

19 Apr 2021
An Open Journal Of Parenting

Parenting is a unique and wonderful journey which deserves to be documented. Our social accounts are filled with photographic memories, such as announcing their arrival, first birthday, first holiday trip and their first day of school. Some parents write a journal to document these milestones, that are not intended for others to read but rather for themselves to one day look back and relive those moments. 
As the years pass, we’ll be left with not just memories but also bucket loads of experience in how to handle hundreds of different situations. Our journey is of course unique to us, but we share the same hopes and dreams for our children - we’d all like to raise healthy, kind hearted, happy, resilient, brave and successful human beings. We want the best for our children and to create a life for them that is even better than our own. However, the reality is that parenthood doesn’t always live up to the rose-tinted version in our heads, as we enter onto this new journey. There are moments where we don’t know how to best respond, how to support our children when they need it most, and how to react to challenging scenarios.
Sometimes, parenthood can feel like a lonely road, but your story and experiences will undoubtedly be similar to those who have walked the same path before you. Wouldn’t it be fantastic to tap into this community of fellow parents and connect with those who share similar experiences, who add an authentic voice to the challenges that can go hand in hand with parenthood?
We’ve designed a platform just for you. Warill is not your typical parenting website. We’re bringing the traditional village experience online, a village for all parents like you, to document and share heartful experiences, tips and advice with others. These stories may bring comfort, hope, laughter or connection to another parent, it may be that ray of promise that they’re not walking the parenthood journey alone. Our village captures life stories told by parents from becoming a parent to being a parent, mental health, alcohol addiction, eczema, teething, colic, feeding and much more.  Perhaps you’ll share an experience which has given you hope and joy in your parenting, maybe you’ll share an experience which destigmatises an aspect of caring for children, or you can simply share a story which reveals your knowledge. Everything you share will give back to others following on the parenthood path after you.
We hope to connect you with parenting experiences or inspire you to openly document your own memories for others to learn from them. 

May you find some comfort in this community and know that you are not alone in your parenting journey.